The email below came from Ward 2 Councilman Tom Hertz ahead of tonight’s town council meeting on a proposed playground for Wilmer Park and options on the future of the AJAX basketball court along the Rail Trail that has been there for 40 plus years:
Here are some notes about the effort (and what we’re prepared to say  — at this time — about upgrades for Ajax):
Wilmer Park Playground:
  • The design is based on input from the Town’s Recreation Committee  
  • The proposed location is inside the top of the loop closest to Quaker Neck Road (convenient to the parking lot).
  • The scaled drawing (attached) shows the location in red on a site plan for the general area
  •  Attached are several 3D drawings of the proposed playground with sample playground elements/features.
  • The design wraps around the existing trees at this location.
  • The playground equipment is by Berliner ( They manufacturer top-quality playgrounds 
  •  The  playground is designed for kids 2-12 and meets ADA accessibility requirements
  • The playground surface will be a porous rubberized material which is easy to clean and maintain. This eliminates concerns around pooling water and use of  materials such as pea gravel, sand, or mulch 
  • The equipment is designed to last for 50 years.  It also comes with a 10 year warranty (30 years for metal elements).
AJAX Court:
  • Official plans for the AJAX Court are still pending.  The area will remain ‘as is’ for now, but there is interest from residents to improve the area.  Suggestions include:
    • Removing the current  playground equipment (after the Wilmer PG is complete, of course)
    • Adding picnic tables and (possibly) fixed grill locations
    • Adding a shade area (something like a small pavilion)
    • Enhancements to the current court including painting lines on the current surface and so on