Chestertown Police are investigating an alleged racial hate incident at Washington College, said CPD Chief John Dolgos in a brief phone interview Thursday.

The incident is the third since October, which resulted in one individual being referred to the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services.


The latest incident occurred Sunday at around 7 p.m. when a dark gray Chevrolet Suburban drove through the campus waving a TRUMP flag–with occupants shouting the N-word several times at an African American women, Dolgos said.

Dolgos said a bystander walking by witnessed the incident and has been interviewed by CPD, along with the victim.

There were four occupants, three males and one female, all juveniles, Dolgos said.

CPD was able to identify the vehicle and the driver. Det. Chris Pavon is running the investigation.

Dolgos said the Kent County State’s Attorney is being consulted.

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