American Lotus (Nelumbo lutes) at Sassafras Environmental Center. Photo by Bill Minus.

It is really hard to find anything positive about this pandemic. Now that I look back over the past few months, I have found a bright spot.

When the “stay at home orders” came down I decided there were only three places where I felt safe. My apartment, my car and walking in uncrowded places.

The real surprise came when walking became a passion. That passion led to an enhanced keen sense of observation.

During the early COVID months I could not get enough of the bright spring plants in downtown yards, gardens and other nearby parks and trails. In addition, smart phones have made it so easy to photograph and pass along beauty to others.

Reaching a point where we are comfortable with the COVID – 19 restrictions may be hard to fathom. It is just too personal. We are all effected. For the foreseeable future we just have to live with it.

So if you have trouble managing the “new norm,” try walking. Pause and enjoy the small things and sending photos to friends. There will be a news crop of fall colors coming along soon.

It can do something for your soul. Tell me this doesn’t not make you feel better. Life goes on.

By the way if you find something unusual, send us a pic and we’ll try to help.