Webb Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout for Kent County

Kent County Health Officer William said a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccinations could be available as early as Dec. 22.

Phase 1A of the rollout will be for healthcare workers and nursing home residents, he said at Tuesday’s meeting of the Kent County Commissioners.

He said essential infrastructure workers, adults at high risk and residents 65 or older will get vaccinated in Phase 1B and Phase 1C. Recipients of the vaccine will have to register online.

Webb said he anticipates temporary shortages for the Phase 1 group.

The vaccinations require two inoculations 21 days apart and some people will experience side effects that mirror COVID-19 symptoms.

He said a mass vaccination plan will be announced for the general public and will probably occur in mid-to-late January. Webb asked for patience from the public.

“It will be an enormous task to vaccinate 20,000 people,” he said. He said the first floor of the health department on Lynchburg Street will be dedicated to vaccinations and will require an appointment made online.

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  1. I understand from a friend, that the Kent County Health Dept only does Covid 19 testing on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Before Thanksgiving they were booked up until the first week of December. They were told to call the emergency room at the hospital in Chestertown. ER told them they do not do Covid 19 testing and to call the KC Health Dept… It seems Kent County residents are getting the run around and are denied immediate testing. If our Health Dept can not handle daily testing, how on earth can the handle a Vaccine Rollout for 20,000 as stated above?

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