The Kent County Health Department Will Focus Week12 of its COVID-19 vaccination program towards second doses, said Kent Health Officer William Webb in an interview Monday, March 1.

Last week the county received 600 first doses and 600 second doses – but officials decided to shift the majority of the first doses to second doses to meet the critical time window of 28 days when a second dose is recommended for maximum effectiveness.

Last week 838 second doses were administered with only 54 shots going to first doses. The 308 doses remaining from last week are scheduled for future appointments primarily for second doses only, Webb said.

This week during Week12 a majority of the first doses are again reprioritized for second doses.

The state has allocated 300 first doses and 300 second doses in Week 12, but Webb said 522 doses will be used from that allocation for the second shot.

Webb said it was “critically important to make sure second doses are available when an individual’s second shot is due.”

Over 400 second doses will be administered at the Kent Community Center in Worton and roughly 100 doses will be available at Kent County Middle School for teachers and staff in the Kent County Public School System.

Webb also said there was a possibility the county could get up to 100 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines sometime this week, which only requires one dose to complete the immunization process. He said the J&J vaccine is easier to handle because it doesn’t require special refrigeration.

The J&J vaccine was approved by FDA over the weekend and the company said 4 million doses would be shipped this week. The company expects to ship 20 million doses during March.

He said when appointments are made individuals will know which vaccine they are scheduled for. If they do not like the vaccine being offered and they will have to decline their appointment and reschedule.

Webb said the prevailing advice is “to get vaccinated with whichever vaccine is available at the moment.”