With the Black Lives Matter murals in Chestertown now approved in law, Chestertown Mayor Chris Cerino said it was time to consider more permanent messages that underscore Chestertown’s anti-racism position and recognizes black contributions to Chestertown’s history.

Cerino proposed that the town set out on an 18-month plan to build three pillars that lay a path towards reconciliation adopted in the town’s anti-racism speech at the Aug.10 council meeting, “Chestertown Unites Against Racism.”

He said a comprehensive approach should be put forward that outlives the murals that were only intended to be temporary.

The three pillars would be education, legislation and unification.

“Collectively we as a council would develop initiatives that address [the three pillars], he said at the Monday, Aug. 17 meeting.

Cerino proposed that under the education pillar, signs could be erected honoring the black contributions to Chestertown.

Under the legislative pillar, the town’s redistricting plan would be front and center. Under the unification pillar, the Juneteenth celebration would be an annual town festival and Legacy Day would continue to be a town funded event.

These were among some of the proposals Cerino said could be considered at the Sept. 8 council meeting.

“We need to have some structure and we need to have the long view and lay out some goals and give it direction,” Cerino said.

Ward 3 Councilman Ellsworth Tolliver commended Cerino’s initiative and said it “will further the mission of the town to recognize all of Chestertown’s history.”



Feature image, “Three Pillars” by John Patrick Robichaud, flickr