White Allies Pledge, Sign up to be counted

There’s still time to sign the White Allies Pledge issued by The Social Action Committee for Racial Justice (SACRJ). The Pledge, which was published in its entirety in September, provides an opportunity for white people who are committed to racial equity and justice in our community to Sign Up and Be Counted. This pledge and the names of all who have signed it will be published in local print and social media in early November.

There are two ways to sign the White Allies Pledge:

  1. Click on this link https://forms.gle/T2a8VkWJiidbsSX87 and complete the consent form.
  2. Send an email to SACRacialJustice@gmail.com and leave a message with your consent and contact information. You will receive a confirmation email.

The Social Action Committee for Racial Justice, formed in 2017, is a community effort to learn, grow, and take action against racism in Kent County Maryland. The focus is on identifying systemic racism and taking concrete steps to address inequities. The White Allies Pledge is an initiative of the Social Action Committee for Racial Justice executed with the assistance of the Social Concerns Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River.

Contact: Philip Dutton / Administrator



  1. I have always tried in my personal and professional life to do many of the items named on the Social Action Pledge. And one of the interesting outcomes for myself of the appalling events, protests, injustices and active discourse of the past months has been time to seriously reflect on racism in our society and its affect in my life. Plus to review for myself our joint national history as I was taught it in the 1950’s, its myths and misunderstandings. It is a process; doesn’t happen by signing a paper or having your name published. So I chose not to sign, because I want to treat people of color with respect and courtesy. I chose not to sign because when I have the opportunity I will promote equality and opportunity for people of color. I chose not to sign a pledge because I do not think it is a useful tool to effect change right here in Chestertown or Kent County. We have to have the courage to live change and only I will know if I manage to do that.

  2. I signed the pledge because I believe it is a sign of respect and commitment to our African American communities. I also support the Town of Chestertown adopting the Human Rights Commission as sponsored by Rev. Tolliver, Ward 3 Council member. This Commission, unlike the Equity Advisory Committee, will have a statutory mission and specific authorities and responsibilities to address discrimination within the Town. I urge everyone reading this message , especially those who live within Chestertown’s town boundaries, to write or email the Mayor and each Town Council member to support this Commission before next Monday’s vote on the Commission.
    Here’s how: chris@chestertown.com
    David Foster, Ward1Chestertown@gmail.com
    Tom Herz, ward2chestertown.com
    Rev. E.T. Tolliver, ward3chestertown.com
    Meghan Efland, ward4chestertown.com

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